Best Anti Itch Cream for Toddlers

Itching can be really troublesome, especially for the toddler who cannot express their discomfort through words. However frustrating itching is, it is a common symptom in babies. They are caused by mosquito bites, chigger bites, hives, or poison ivy.

Even a minor itch can leave your child frustrated and sleepless. Hence, in this post, we have enlisted five best anti itch cream for toddlers.

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Even if you don’t know the cause for your toddler’s itch, you can solve the problem with simple over-the-counter solutions. Aside, there are some home remedies that can also provide immediate relief.

However, before we move on to the best anti-itch creams for toddlers in 2019, let’s dive into detail on what causes itching in toddlers.

The best anti-itch creams for toddlers

1. CeraVe Baby Cream – maintains natural pH.

2. Eucerin Skin Calming Cream – provides extensive hydration.

3. Puracy Organic Baby Lotion – you get immediate results.

4. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream – oatmeal-based product.

5. Curél Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion – soothes eczema-ridden skin.

Toddlers and Skin Problems: Itching and Rash Can Be Dangerous

There can be multiple reasons behind a baby’s rash. Basically, babies have very sensitive skin while their immune system is still a work in progress. Therefore, it easily gets irritated or infected. The major causes behind baby’s rashes include the following:








Even lying laced in their fecal matter and urine can cause rashes. Viral and bacterial infections are another reason why babies’ skin gets irritated. Any part of their body, including face, neck, trunk, arms, legs, hands, feet, and diaper area, can get affected. The most common reason for baby rashes is allergic reactions.

Common Types of Allergic Reactions

While rashes are the most visible symptom of allergic reactions, some babies can also develop additional symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Here are some common types of allergic reactions that may be the reason behind your baby’s inflamed skin:


It is one of the most common allergic reactions in babies. Atopic eczema is most likely to affect toddlers and infants. The primary symptoms of this skin disease are tiny red bumps, scaly and dry skin, and rashes. According to the National Eczema Association, most babies below six months of age develop eczema rashes on their face, knees, and elbow.

Papular urticarial

Papular urticaria is an allergic reaction that is caused by a bug bite. Insects including mosquitoes, mites, and bedbugs can trigger this allergic reaction. Usually, it affects children of two to six years of age, but sometimes infants are also affected. The symptoms include small clusters of red bumps that might be fluid-filled.


When the body is subjected to a substance it is allergic to, a chemical called histamine is released, which leads to the development of hives. Hives are basically itchy, raised patches on the skin. They can be of any sizes but are usually pink or red in color. They can appear anywhere on the body.

Food Allergies

American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology says that about 6% of children aged two and under have food allergies. The major signs of a food allergy are skin reactions and respiratory or intestinal problems. The symptoms are as follows:






Blood in feces

Many babies are allergic to milk and dairy products, peanuts, and shellfish.

How to Stop Babies from Itching Their Wound

This is the most challenging part. The babies don’t know better. They tend to scratch their itch and make it even worse. It becomes the parent or the caregiver’s duty to keep a vigil on the toddler. The best way to stop your baby from scratching their itch is by cutting their nails short. You can also make them wear a woolen mitt so that they don’t aggravate their wound further.

With the assistance of some over-the-counter anti-allergic creams, you can easily help the symptoms subside and ease the inflammation.

5 Best Anti Itch Cream for Toddlers

These are some of the tried and tested and also highly rated anti-itch creams for babies. Apart from the dermatologists’ consultation, these OTC products might also help. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before applying any new product on your baby’s skin.

1. CeraVe Baby Cream

This gentle lotion moisturizes and protects your baby’s skin and maintains its natural pH. It is enriched with the essential ceramide and vitamins to speed up the repair work of the skin.

It is free from any parabens and phthalates that may aggravate your baby’s skin further.

2. Eucerin Skin Calming Cream

As the name is suggestive enough, Eucerin Calming Cream calms and soothes the inflamed skin. It provides extensive hydration to your baby’s parched skin and delivers twenty-four-hour hydration to avoid reapplication.

It is enriched with oatmeal, which is the best known natural moisturizer. It is free from any fragrance or dye.

3. Puracy Organic Baby Lotion

You can notice immediate results with this magic baby lotion. The lightweight formula is not sticky for your baby’s delicate skin yet hydrates with the essential hydrating agents like jojoba oil, glycerine, shea butter, aloe vera, and sunflower oil.

It is free from mineral oil and artificial fragrances that are known miscreants for aggravating skin allergies.

4. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

This is another oatmeal-based product for your baby’s skin. Aveeno is one of the most popular skin-care brands in America. Apart from adult skincare, the brand has also pioneered in the baby skin-care range.

This cream contains the natural colloidal oatmeal to intensely moisturize your toddler’s irritated skin. Above all, Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream is available at just $12.

5. Curél Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion

Curel Healing Lotion is not only effective for your baby’s skin but also helpful for your skin issues as well. It is clinically proven to soothe eczema-ridden skin and provide twenty-four-hour hydration.

The non-greasy formula is quick to absorb and is non-comedogenic. The fragrance-free lotion is recommended by most dermatologists.

The best anti-itch cream for toddlers

We pick the Puracy Organic Baby Lotion as the best anti-itch option.


Apart from the abovementioned methods, you can always try your best to avoid allergic reactions in your baby. Use fragrance-free skin-care products, and wash your baby’s laundry separately in organic detergent.

Also, if your baby’s skin condition is aggravating with each passing day, it’s always better to see a doctor. It might be a symptom of some serious underlying condition.

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