Best Baby Brands

Being a first-time mom can be both hard and overwhelming.  While you can read all the parenting books and seek out advice from veteran moms, a fact still remains;  as every child is different,  so are his/her needs. There’s no one size fits all guide, when it comes to raising kids.

Fortunately, some baby brands through their extensive product lines cater to a plethora of the child’s needs. Every parent wants the best for their baby; from the diaper to his/her bottle and toys, every parent wants safe and trusted products for their little one(s). 

There are just so many baby brands in the market who claim the title of “best baby brands”, that you might have a hard time settling for one. It is therefore advisable for parents to always stick to trusted and renowned brands.

Finding the right brand for our little ones can be a daunting task. To help you streamline your choices, and make this selection process easier, we have listed the top 5 best baby brands, committed to providing the safest, natural, and best-designed products for your little bundle of joy. Take a look.

The best baby brands

1. Pampers Wipes – one of Pampers’ signature offerings.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Unisex pajamas – snug-fit and flame-retardant-free.

3. Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food – a great blend of fruits and veggies for stage 2 feeding.

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature – a great set of baby bottles and pacifiers.

5. Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset – multi-functional play center.

Best baby brands list

1. Pampers

pampers-best baby brands

Known for its high-quality diapers and wipes, their products are used by more than 25 million babies in 100 countries every day, according to P&G. This iconic brand has earned the trust and loyalty of generations of parents and has been consistent with its purpose to cater for all babies’ happy and healthy development.

Since its first disposable diaper arrived in 1961, there was no turning back for this brand. Pampers has consistently rolled out diaper innovation, and especially noteworthy were nappies that breathe. Their Premium and Baby-Dry nappies have a protective layer of lotion, that helps keep the little bottoms of our cute ones soft and smooth.

Today, Pampers is P&G’s biggest, and one of its fast-growing brands. Recently, they added the creation of the softest and thinnest diapers to their credit. These diapers use an incredible 40 percent less material, and 80 percent less bulk than their predecessors, and have both comfort and environmental benefits.

 Their best baby products help you get the best bang for your buck!

2. Plum Organics

Plum was founded in 2007, by a small group of parents who wanted nothing, but the best organic baby food for their little ones. Plum focuses on adventurous eating through a wide variety of flavors, early and often. “Plum Organics’ nutritious, on-trend products include organic baby food in convenient, squeezable pouches.

All their products are organic and healthy, enabling parents to confidently and conveniently feed their babies. Their foods are certified non-GMO, with a special focus on using whole and simple organic fruit and vegetable ingredients as much as possible.

There are no added salt or sugars, no harmful preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors. They have products for not only babies, but also indulge adult palettes with PlumVida – a line of fruit and vegetable purees.

Their products are even environment-friendly, as they come in non-BPA packs. Undoubtedly, Plum Organics is one of the best baby brands, by which you can nourish your little ones with healthy and nutritious products.

3. Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is an American personal care products company, known for its natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. They use the purest ingredients nature has to offer to create products that clean, protect, nourish, and delight your baby(s) from day one..

They also produce skin care products for mothers to quickly revitalize their tired and stressed skin.  Their gentle soaps, shampoos, and washes have been specially formulated for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Their ointments, powder creams and ultra-gentle moisturizers truly nourish your baby’s skin, without a hint of irritation. They also have an irresistible array of organic cotton essentials, to keep your baby comfortable and cozy.

Their natural nourishing baby products are every mom’s favorite. All their products are formulated without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and other chemicals that raise concern for babies’ skin health. 

Burt’s Bees had been one of the leading companies that emphasize environment-friendly solutions, in both production and distribution processes. They are well known for releasing zero waste, from their manufacturing plants and offices.

4. Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee has a massive range of simple and intuitive baby items. They offer a lot of handy items for bottle feeding, breastfeeding, diapering, and much more. It is one of the most trusted and recognizable baby brands in the world; loved by babies, and recommended by generations of parents.

It is the number-one brand of baby feeding accessories in the UK. All their products are specifically designed to make life easier for both parents, and their little ones. For five decades now, they have made products that are smart, simple, innovative, and intuitive.

 Their products have enabled proper parenting; the right way. From safe baby sleep bags to comforting toys and night lights, their varied products answer to baby’s sleep time needs at every stage.

Their iconic Tommee Tippee feeding bottle is one of the most widely used feeding bottles in the world. These are shaped like a mother’s breast, as babies like it that way. Their Explora range includes BPA-free toddler drinking and feeding products that help teach children how to eat and drink, hence offering a seamless transition to independent feeding and drinking.

5. Little Tikes

With over 48 years of expertise in children’s toys, this company is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high- quality, innovative baby products. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Hudson, this American brand has been the number one choice of parents for generations.

There’s a first time for everything – especially when you’re a kid! Their toys are designed to give your little one unforgettable childhood memories with iconic kids’ toys. This brand makes products that encourage them to be active and imaginative while playing.

All their toys are made to spark curiosity, create wonder, and let kids dream big. Their toys cater to kids of all age-groups. Many of their products are quite simple in design but are most effective for enhancing the imaginative abilities of young minds.

The company is known for its playhouses, ride-on, sports, sandboxes, climbers, slides, role-play, creative arts, infant, preschool, and juvenile furniture. They enjoy the reputation of making high-quality, safe, and durable products. They have built their reputation of making high-quality, safe and durable products. All their products are free from BPA, latex or harmful PVC and phthalates.


When it comes to buying baby products, don’t skimp on quality. Choose the right product from a trusted brand, to keep your little one healthy & happy.

Read the labels of the products carefully, and avoid buying products that contain dyes and chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, as these can be harmful to your baby’s health.

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