Best Body Wash for Kids

A body wash helps to get rid of dirt from the body, keep the skin hydrated, and ward off certain skin conditions. There are different kinds of body washes for adults and kids. As kids have more sensitive skin, you must avoid using those that are made for adults. Instead, you should look for the best body wash for kids in the market.

Children have tender and soft skin which is easily affected by harsh chemicals. That is why body washes for kids do not contain harmful chemicals. The best body wash for kids contains natural ingredients that would nourish their skin and keep it hydrated all day long.

The Best Body Wash for Kids

1. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoocontains Calendula that preserves the tenderness of the skin.

2. Shea Moisture Marshmallow Rootcontains avocado oil, blueberries, and flaxseed.

3. Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath lavender scented with a touch of vanilla.

4. Johnson’s Baby Soap Barcleansing power derived from organic extracts.

Best Body Wash for Kids in 2020

For the soft and natural skin of your baby, it is important to choose the best body wash. Here, we have hand-picked some of the best quality body washes for kids to protect their skin and make them feel fresh after a shower.

1. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash with Organic Calendula

cetaphil-Best Body Wash for Kids

If you are looking for a natural products enriched baby wash, here is a good option. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo with Organic Calendula is specially formulated for kids to preserve the tenderness of their skin.

The essential ingredient of this baby wash is calendula. Calendula extract is a natural soother to the skin as it helps preserve skin moisture. This natural ingredient makes Cetaphil one of the best body wash for dry skin.

This product is perfect for giving your child a calming bath. The scent is soothing, the composition doesn’t hurt the eye, and it forms lather well. It is the basic recipe for a fun shower for a kid.

Cetaphil baby wash does not only wash your child’s skin effectively, but the shampoo feature also cleanses the hair thoroughly. So, no need of getting a shampoo alongside it. This product is hypoallergenic, which means, it does not trigger an allergic reaction. It is an excellent choice for your kid’s everyday use.

2. Shea Moisture Kids 2-in-1 Extra Gentle Lotion Body Wash

Shea moisture kids lotion body wash is specially crafted to keep your child’s skin well moisturized and fresh all day long. It is mainly composed of natural ingredients including avocado oil, blueberries, and flaxseed.

The natural extract constituents of this product give it soothing capabilities that in turn help to counteract skin irritations. This product also contains essential vitamins that also nourishes the skin.

This kid’s lotion body wash from shea moisture is great at moisturizing the skin as it contains skin moisturizing agents. This product, no doubt, will leave your child’s skin more nourished after use.

3. Suave Berry Blue Body Wash for Kids

Suave berry blue body wash for kids is the body wash designed to help kids look forward to having a bath. This is so because it forms a rich lather. Despite this, Suave kid’s body wash is gentle on the skin.

It is made up of mild cleansing agents that are good for the delicate skin of children. The components of this product are tear-free. This is a product that can be used for very active kids.

Suave berry blue body wash for kids has a pleasant blueberry scent which would make your child smelling nice. It can be applied on sensitive skin as its ingredients also penetrate into the skin layers and keep the skin moisturized as required.

4. Aveeno Baby Calming Body Wash

Aveeno baby calming body wash is one of the best natural body wash for kids as it would calm your baby all through the bath. It is specially crafted for comfort and a calm bath.

A treasure from Aveeno, this product soothes and cleanses your baby’s skin effectively. It also moisturizes the skin. This is an excellent organic body wash for your baby. It would get your baby looking fresh as ever.

So, what is the calming recipe of the Aveeno baby wash? It is lavender scented with a touch of vanilla. It is made from a soap-free formulation and hence doesn’t cause tears. It also contains hypoallergenic and paraben-free components, to ensure your baby doesn’t have any adverse skin reactions.

5. Johnson’s Baby Bar Soap (6 Pack)

Johnson’s baby soap is a lightweight soap bar specially made for kids. This would get your three-year-old baby to love taking baths regularly. It is easy to grip and has a lovely fragrance. Also, its content would keep your child’s skin well nourished.

Johnson’s baby bar soap is delicate on the skin and doesn’t contain any allergy-inducing constituents. The cleansing power is not from chemical antimicrobials but organic extracts.

You can make lather with this soap while gently massaging your kid’s skin to make bathing more fun. The soap contains skin moisturizer. So, you need not worry about skin dryness or breakage while using this for your kid.

Our pick for the best body wash for kids

Our personal favorite is the Shea Moisture Marshmallow root.

Picking the Best Body Wash for Your Baby

Getting the best body wash for kids can be confusing for a parent, and even harder if your kid has sensitive or dry skin.

It is expedient that as a parent, you are sensitive to your kid’s needs. Starting from little things like making the right choice of the body wash appropriate for them.

The most crucial factor to consider for the nourishment is that the composition the body wash would offer to the skin. This means the best body wash for kids would contain more natural ingredients.

The natural ingredients of the body wash remove contaminants like bacteria from the skin while preserving the skin’s natural moisture. The vitamins and other enriching components also function to keep the skin nourished.

It shouldn’t be just about cleaning their bodies; you should also make bathing fun for your kids. That is why good kid-targeted body washes form lather well.

Also, the body washes you select must be child-friendly, that is, it should not trigger the tear gland. The fragrance of the body wash must also be natural on the nose and lovable.

Consequently, not using the prescribed types of bathing soaps for kids can have results that you might not expect.

Common conditions linked to using harsh soaps for kids include:

  • Development of skin irritation
  • Faster dehydration of the skin
  • Development of dry skin
  • Allergic reactions


The right choice of body wash for your kid would tell how they would appear in the nearest future. It is crucial to kick off with the best available body wash for kids.

So, see this as a mold for the future look of your child. So, buy any of the best body wash for kids mentioned above and be tension free about your kid’s skin.

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