Best organic baby lotions

Did you know that a lotion filled with chemicals can eventually become toxic for your baby? When you apply any cream on your baby’s body, some amount absorbs into their skin and enters their bloodstream.

Eventually, this toxic build-up can lead to many health concerns.  Say no to such toxic chemicals for your little one and go for organic baby lotions.

Organic baby lotions do not contain any skin-irritating ingredients and are made of natural ingredients that help to heal any skin issues of your baby. Identify your baby’s skin needs and nourish them with these natural products. Your baby’s best skin deserves the best organic lotion, let it glow naturally without any chemical irritants.

The best organic baby lotions

1. Puracy Organic Baby Lotion – results in ins softer, smoother, healthier skin.

2. The Moms Co. Natural Calming Body Lotion – enriched with organic apricot oil and avocado oil.

3. Mom & World Baby Nourishing Lotion – specially designed for newborn babies.

4. California Baby Super Sensitive – fragrance-free natural lotion.

5. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – enriched with colloidal oatmeal.

7 Best Organic Baby Lotions

Here is a list of 7 best organic baby lotion and the important things you need to know about them before buying. These chemical-free formulas will help to nourish your baby’s skin. Try these hypoallergenic organic baby lotions for your baby to get soft and shiny skin.

1. Puracy Organic Baby Lotion

puracy-Best organic baby lotions

Puracy Organic Baby Lotion is a calming, lightweight, organic lotion specially designed for your baby’s delicate skin. It is a dermatologically tested clinical-grade moisturizer. It offers organic sunflower oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil.

It works gently on the sensitive skin of your baby resulting in softer, smoother, and healthier skin with every use.

This lotion is recommended by pediatricians and is suitable for all types of skin. The mild natural fragrance of lavender and grapefruit helps your baby to relax and sleep better. It gives long-lasting moisturization and also effectively heal the bumps or rashes of your baby’s skin. It gives a natural glow and softness to your baby’s skin. Care for your baby’s skin with this plant-based, vegan lotion without having to worry about any chemical allergy.

2. The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion

The Moms Co. Natural baby lotion is a unique blend of organic shea butter and cocoa butter that perfectly moisturizes your baby’s skin making it soft and smooth. It is enriched with organic apricot oil and avocado oil that nourishes your baby’s skin.

This organic lotion also contains organic rice bran oil that hydrates your baby’s skin well and protects it.

The Moms Co. Natural baby lotion is completely safe for your baby’s delicate skin as it is filled with all the natural ingredients. This certified organic, toxin-free lotion gives long-lasting moisturization to your baby’s skin.

3. Mom And World Baby Nourishing lotion

Mom and World Baby nourishing lotion is made of simple natural ingredients, specially designed for newborn babies.  It is a lightweight gentle lotion that locks in the moisture leaving soft, smooth skin. Enriched with vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal and natural butter, it nourishes your baby’s skin.

Mom and World Baby nourishing lotion is filled with the goodness of natural oils like wheat germ, avocado, almond oil, and grapeseed oil. Pamper your baby’s skin with this safe product to get a healthy moisturizing glow. With its soothing fragrance, it comforts your baby’s delicate skin.

4. California Baby Supersensitive Everyday Lotion

California Baby Supersensitive everyday lotion is a fragrance-free natural lotion that effectively heals skin irritations and eczema. It is specially designed to treat dryness in your baby’s skin. This lotion gets absorbed readily by the skin leaving it silky soft.

California Baby Supersensitive everyday lotion is best suited for sensitive skin. It is a certified plant-based product with no added scent. Try this lotion for any kind of skin sensitivity.

5. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture lotion is a natural nourishing formula that gives all-day moisturization to your baby’s skin. Enriched with colloidal oatmeal this lotion can be a perfect choice to relieve your baby’s itchy skin.  It is non-greasy without any added fragrance.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture lotion nourishes your baby’s skin and moisturizes dry cracked skin making it soft and smooth. This natural formula enriched with emollients helps to sooth and protect your baby’s delicate skin.

You can try this lotion for your baby to heal any skin irritation and dryness. This hypoallergenic, pediatrician recommended baby lotion can be used every day.

6. Earth Mama Sweet Orange Baby Lotion

Earth Mama Sweet Orange baby lotion is a gentle lotion specially designed to moisturize and smoothen your baby’s gentle skin. It is manufactured using organic herbs and oils and is a gentle blend of vanilla and orange. It is free from artificial fragrance and can be used safely for all types of skin.

Earth Mama sweet orange baby lotion is dermatologically and clinically tested for irritation. It helps to avoid rashes and dryness and is an everyday moisturizing lotion. This US product is certified by NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for personal care products for its organic ingredients.

7. SheaMoisture Olive & Marula Baby Lotion

Sheamoisture olive and marula baby lotion is a powerful nourishing lotion for your baby with a divine smell. This rich creamy moisturizer deeply moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin. Olive oil with vitamin E and fatty acids hydrate your baby’s skin well making it soft.

Sheamoisture olive and marula baby lotion is non-sticky and gets quickly absorbed by the skin. It is effective in treating rashes and eczema of your baby’s sensitive skin. Mural oil and avocado oil greatly nourishes your baby’s skin. It is safe for delicate baby’s skin without any harmful ingredients.

Our pick from the best organic baby lotions

We went with the Moms Co. Natural Calming Body Lotion.


Natural organic baby lotions can be the best moisturizers for your baby. These lotions carry no long term toxicity issues and nourish your baby’s skin with the essence of nature.

With these organic ingredients, you can be assured of providing needed gentle care for your baby. Organic baby lotions can effectively heal any skin irritations leading to a naturally glowing healthy skin.

Use these best organic baby lotions to enhance your baby’s soft skin with health and moisture.

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